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Song et al. - PLoS Computational Biology - 2010

Below you can download a zip file of the data and the primary Matlab code in support of Song et al. "Estimating the Stochastic Bifurcation Structure of Cellular Networks" PLoS Computational Biology, 2010. Choose the file "". You can also download the data on its own, as "Data.csv" or "Data.mat", as well as the individual matlab code files.
Data.csv356.6 KB
Data.mat236.02 KB
ConditionalEM_v3.m2.27 KB
EM_Soft_NGaussPlusUniform_Repeated_v2.m373 bytes
EM_Soft_NGaussPlusUniform_v2.m2.33 KB
GetMeans.m1.05 KB
LogLikelihood_NGaussPlusUniform.m498 bytes
LogLikelihood_NGaussPlusUniform_DataSet.m198 bytes
Mat09b_EM.mat131.67 KB
Mat09b_MEEM.mat109.69 KB
Mat09b_CEM.mat1.87 MB
Modefind.m750 bytes
NGaussPlusUniform_XVal.m1.92 KB
ThreshExp_Err.m180 bytes
ThreshExp_Eval.m327 bytes
ThreshExp_Fit_v2.m579 bytes
CMMtoMMs.m513 bytes
MainScript.m4.49 KB
DataAndCode.zip2.43 MB